Situation: had an existing WordPress website built 18 months ago. They were also paying an SEO/Marketing company to manage their digital presence.

The home page download size was so large it would take around 45 seconds to load on an average internet connection.

This is very bad for both the end users experience and SEO ranking. It was very likely to get delisted by Google  and users would likely give up and go elsewhere.

Also, Core, Theme and Plugin updates had not been done for more than 1 year.  This would make the site very vulnerable to hackers.  Installing the updates broke the website.

Unfortunately for the client, the Web Developer who built the site was not supportive, and they were getting very frustrated.


Optimisation to reduce the home page load time from 45 seconds to 3 seconds.

  1. Firstly we did a rough image optimisation of the website using WP SMUSH. This immediately brought the home load time down to 15 seconds. That’s an 66% speed improvement.
  2. We then moved the site to WPEasy Hosting and immediately saw the time drop to 7 seconds, so now 84% speed improvement.
  3. We then set up LS Cache and further optimised the largest images, the time dropped to 3 seconds. So now we have a whopping 93% speed improvement

Install all updates to improve security and functionality.

  1. Firstly we added the site to our management system to do a full site backup.
  2. We then installed all updates to see what would break. Several things on the site did break.
  3. We then worked through each issue to resolve them.
  4. The site is now fully updated, backed up daily and updated weekly.


The client’s website is now 93% faster and is fully up to date.