Situation: had an existing WordPress website with a premium theme¬† “Archi”. They decided to install Woocommerce and turn the site into an eCommerce store.

Unfortunately, there were parts of their theme that just did not work properly with Woocommerce. It had three main issues.

  1. Using headings in the product descriptions. They were White text on a White background, so were not visible.
  2. Single Product display, the Variation labels were tiny white text on a white background and were not aligned properly.
  3. Single Product display, the Add to cart block disappeared behind the image on small screens, so not visible at all on mobiles.


As a current WPEasy subscriber; Lucy raised a support ticket requesting our help. We took on the task of getting these issues resolved.

  • We checked the site and theme settings to see if there were options. Unfortunately, there was not.
  • We checked to see if there were any plugins or custom styles that were overriding the theme. There was not.
  • We tried changing to a default Theme for testing. This resolved the issues, indicating that the Theme was in fact at fault.
  • We raised support tickets with the Theme developer:
    • They were very slow to respond, several days between each request
    • Their responses were not very helpful and often did not relate properly to the questions asked
    • Instead of fixing their Theme, they were advising custom overrides to resolve the issues
    • Unfortunately, we had to give up on the developer support
  • As the Theme Developer was not able to resolve the issue, we had to come up with temporary solutions.


With such poor support from the Theme developer and a customer with a website they could not publish in the current state. WPEasy had to do something.

So that the customer could publish their site immediately:

  1. One of our Gurus created custom style overrides to resolve the issues as best as possible.
  2. We then informed the customer that the site was functional. Although this fix was not ideal and future theme updates may break these changes
  3. We raised a complaint with the developer on the customers’ behalf. Hopefully they will fix their Theme in the next release.