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Hinterland Foil Printing

We have been using WP Easy’s support for a long time now, but since moving to their WordPress hosting  our website speed has increased dramatically. They are always quick to respond and go above and beyond expectations when dealing with tricky situations. The monthly reports they supply has given us a better understanding of what is going on with our website and assists us with easily track trends within our WooCommerce store.

I can’t recommend WP Easy enough.

Mark Dean | Hinterland Foil Printing

Greg Aspeling Pharmacy Solutions

Absolutely Brilliant! I get so lost trying to do things in WordPress. Since signing up with WP Easy, I’ts like having a magic WordPress wand. I just tell them what I want and it magically happens. ?

I’m busy enough without trying to figure out how to do things with my website. I cannot recommend WP Easy enough. Sanity savers!

Greg Aspeling | Greg Aspeling Pharmacy Solutions

Barnacle Guard

The team at WP Easy have been great! Fast and effective support with no question too silly.

We moved to their hosting as well and have seen a fantastic performance boost.

Matt Coles | Barnacle Guard

Wise Owl Early Learning

WP Easy are a life saver. I had a website that we couldn’t edit and just looked dated. I don’t know anything about websites and was very confused about what to do. WP Easy made it so easy for me. They helped us to rebrand the site and make it look more current. When I want changes, we can now do the small things ourselves and just get WP Easy to do everything else. A fantastic service and I’m glad we came across them.

Anette Blair | Wise Owl Early Learning

Gold Coast Show

Our website is only really used in the two months leading up to the show. Most of the other time it is few simple pages. A couple of months ago we got hacked, directing visitors to other sites. WP Easy fixed our site and has been keeping it maintained for us ever since. Apparently the hackers got in  through a known plugin vulnerability. We didn’t know that themes and plugins had to be kept up to date for security. We get a monthly report showing the daily backups, all the updates done and the daily security scans. I’m confident that our site is now in good hands.

Lavinia Rampino | Gold Coast Show

iWallpaper Interiors

Best decision I made was to sign up with WP Easy. Its 1 less worry I have as a small business owner. They monitor everything and pick up on any issues that I otherwise may have been in the dark about and certainly wouldn’t know how to fix. Michael & Alan have been total superstars and went of their way to help me set up a new woo commerce area on my website. And I love the monthly report I receive- very helpful! Highly recommended.

Lucy Whiter | iWallpaper Interiors


We are WordPress Support Gurus at your service

Up-time Monitoring

We monitor your website 24/7 to check that it is on-line and working.

Down-time may indicate; A hacked website, Hosting Problems, Internet Issues or updates that have caused problems.

By knowing if/when this happens, problems can be identified & resolved ASAP.


Daily Security Scans

Our Daily Security Scans do two things. And do them very well.

1. Scan your website from the “front-end” to see if there is any Malware or malicious redirects happening.

2. Check your current WordPress core, Themes & Plugins against lists of identified vulnerabilities. 

We get alerted if any Malware or Vulnerabilities are identified, enabling us to act immediately to mitigate any risks. 

Daily Cloud Backup

For ultimate security of your website, your site should be backed up every day to a cloud storage. 

We do this automatically for you and keep the previous 90 days of backups.

Should anything happen to your website or your web hosting service. We can recover your site to any day in the previous 90 days.

If needed, we can even move it to another host or even a completely different domain.

Regular Maintenance & Updates

The number 1 reason WordPress sites get hacked is from a lack of maintenance. 

In addition to our 24/7 monitoring for issues, our clients sites get Theme, Plugin and Core updates done every single week. 

Any Themes or Plugins with newly identified vulnerabilities detected on Daily Security Scans get done immediately.

Broken Link Checks

Clicking on links that go to “Page not found” is just plain frustrating for users.  Broken links also affect your SEO results. 

Broken links may occur through mistakes when adding or editing content. They can also occur when you have links to external URLs that either close down or change.

Our Broken Link checking continuously checks your entire site for invalid links and notifies us as soon as any are detected. 

Professional Support

Our Gurus are here to help you with whatever you need. 

Fixing problems, Assisting to add or change content, Changing Menu Structures, Installing Themes or Plugins, Identifying the cause of issues or just general questions and advice.

Whatever you need, our customer get fast and qualified support.

Performance Enhancements

A slow website is just plain frustrating!

Optimising how quickly your web pages load is important for both your Google SEO rankings and your end users experience.

There are many things that will affect the speed of your website. We use proven processes to make your site work as fast as it possibly can.

Even better if we host the site, we use LiteSpeed and LSCache to make your site ultra-fast.


SEO Keyword Monitoring

Keeping track of how well your targeted keywords are performing in Google is so important. Especially if you are paying an SEO expert to manage this for you. 

WPEasy monthly reports conveniently includes this information for you.

Woocommerce Reporting

Are you using Woocommerce for your shopping cart?

Want to know how well your store is doing and how you can improve sales?

Our monthly reports will show you a simple-to-follow summary of how products and categories are selling, How Promotions are performing and the sales volumes by day.

Our customer find this report extremely useful for deciding how to manage, price and promote products.


Training / Education

Just curious or want in-house staff to manage your website content?

Our plans include support to help you with whatever you want done with your website.

If you prefer, we can also train your staff to make changes and updates for you.

Our Gurus are here to help you

We don’t outsource to cheap off-shore support services.

Our Gurus are all experienced with WordPress and are based right here in Australia.

Level 1 Gurus: have the skills to work with and resolve most WordPress issues.

Level 2 Gurus: have the skills to Optimise your website performance and resolve Hosting issues.

Level 3 Gurus: have the skills to troubleshoot Themes and Plugins at a coding level.

The great news for you is that our customers get access to all three levels. So no problem is too big or too small.

Monthly Reporting

Our customers love their monthly reports. They get a simple-to-understand report detailing all the work we have done to keep their site safe, secure and fast.

Reports include: Broken Link checks, Uptime report, Daily Security Scans, Daily Backups, Theme, Plugin and Core Updates, SEO Keyword performance and Woocommerce store performance (if installed)


What are you waiting for? Get all the maintenance and support you need for your WordPress site now.