We do the work

Why waste your time trying to figure out how?

A bug free site

Broken sites are frustrating and cost you customers.


Because problems happen at the worst possible time

 Make WordPress EASY

We keep your Website Safe, Secure & Looking Great.

We are your WordPress Saviours

WPEasy is a team of talented WordPress experts & we have your back.

Our priority is to keep your WordPress site as safe, secure and fast as possible.

To do so we provide core monitoring, maintenance, backup & security services in every plan.

The most common complaints we here about WordPress from site owners are:

I find it hard do make it look right

I don’t know how to make the images the right size

I can’t find where to make the changes I need to

I/We waste too much time trying to figure out how to do things

We don’t do updates because we just don’t have the time

Any of these sound familiar?

This is why we started WPEasy.

Just tell us what you want. We get the right WordPress Guru on the job & it gets done for you.

How easy is that?